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Clean Desktop Framed Border Toolbar with Type Selection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127314D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-22
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Full-Border toolbar for windows-based operating systems to eliminate clutter and for organization of icons and windows

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Clean Desktop Framed Border Toolbar with Type Selection

Disclosed is an idea for taking care of scattered and unorganized icons on the operating system desktops, and reducing clutter on operating system desktops and make it easier for users to view the icons as well as run the applications. Known solutions are to incorporate items into a bottom or side toolbar, but that does not make it easier to view, and those toolbars can only grow in one direction.

The core idea presented is to have a frame border toolbar. The advantage of this is that icons displayed in this bordered toolbar follows the natural flow of the eyes, moving up and around to view the different items, making it easier for people to view the icons, while keeping a desktop visible area clear of icons and clutter. It works by having a toolbar around the border of the Operating System Window environment as shown in the figure, and application icons displayed around the toolbar, on the bottom, sides or top. Applications that are loaded will be displayed within the clean desktop area within the border or if a user wishes full screen, then it will run full screen covering the borders, and a user would just hit an escape sequence to return to normal viewing within the border toolbar.

To make it easier, there will be a type selector on the toolbar. For purposes of illustration, it is on all four corners, but can be placed anywhere within the toolbars as needed. The concept behind the selector is that by cli...