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Mechanism for child safety - motor vehicle back seat warning

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127315D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-22
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This disclosure presents mechanisms that could be included in motor vehicles to warn drivers if there is child in the back seat, when the driver is about to leave the car unattended.

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Mechanism for child safety - motor vehicle back seat warning

Disclosed are two mechanisms to help prevent parents from forgetting their children in automobile back seats. There have been many reported cases of parents leaving their children on the back seat of an automobile, because they just simply forgot they had their children with them at that moment. In a given year more than 10 cases were reported where children had died due to heat suffocation after being left alone in a car. Children's bodies heat up faster than adults, and adding the fact that temperatures inside a car can increase amazingly fast on a hot day, small children are in serious danger if left for long periods of time in a closed car.

Some recommendations, found in news articles, to avoid forgetting a child in the back seat of a car are putting a purse or cell phone in the back seat to serve as a reminder that a child is there, or placing a child's item, such as a diaper bag, in the front seat to remind you of the child in the back. These recommendations can help, but no simple technology seems to be used in cars to help prevent this problem.

Some motor vehicle companies are working on designing radar sensors, which could detect even the most subtle movement, such as a child's breathing. However most of this work has been targeted towards the market of certain vans and utility vehicles. Also the sensor technology described will sense movement and high temperatures and then trigger a horn to sound distinct chirps. However, it can already be too late to save a left alone child, if there is no one close by to hear the alarms and do something about it.

The disclosed presents a method to warn drivers that they might be forgetting a human being or animal in the back seat, in a more economical and easier way to implement. Also the warning and reminder are given while the driver is still around the car vs. when the heat conditions...