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Popular PC products automatic introducing system according to customer's own PC configuration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127332D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-24
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Disclosed is a system for introducing personal computer (PC) related products automatically by using a consumer’s PC specification.

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Popular PC products automatic introducing system according to customer's own PC configuration

Fig.1.shows functional blocks of this whole system and the information generating function, inside dotted line, contains a new functional idea. Here is a description of each part of the system to complete a new PC related products web site. On a consumer side, this system uses a PC specification-collecting tool on a consumer's PC. Any consumer can download and install it by clicking a button on the site once. It enables to detect hardware specifications, operating system, and status of patch and software installation. The hardware specification includes information such as CPU clock, memory size, available hard disk space, and slots number.

On a server side, this system mainly consists of 5 functional parts including the Personal information controlling function, the PC-related products information controlling function, the Hot-selling information controlling function, the Purchase procedure handling function and an Information generating function for consumers. Furthermore, the server also has 4 databases including a personal information database, a product information database, a strong seller information database and a purchases information database. The personal information database has consumer's PC specification and deliberation information. The product information database has price and system requirement data to use particular products. The strong seller database contains categorized hot-selling information. And the purchases information database manages committed item information by the consumer.

The PC specification-collecting tool on a consumer's PC sends acquired information to the personal information database on the server. The information generating function selects appropriate items based on PC specification data and user preferred categories. Then it builds up possible products packages in the order corresponding to price and marketability.

Functions of Personal information control, PC-related products information control, Hot-selling information control, Purchase procedure process and personal information database, product information database, strong seller database, purchases information database are already used for conventional electric commerce.

Fig.2-1 shows an initial e...