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NetView automation table optimization method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127336D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-24
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Disclosed is a method to optimize NetView automation table automatically.Using this method, multiple NetView automation tables provided by different NetView applications are transformed into a hierarchically structured table and this brings great performance improvement on processing messages.

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NetView automation table optimization method

NetVeiw(R) searches an automation table when it receives specific messages to determine which automation should be taken, and this search process waste huge cpu resources. It is known that restructuring technic of automation tabel into herarchical strucred table is very effective to decrease this cpu workload. This technic is a optimization method to reduce number of IF-THEN statements to have to pass until reaching "action" to execute, this restructuring has been made by skilled human's experience and intuition before.

But these days these automation table is provided by NetView applications independently . This makes it harder to integrate these multiple tables into a restructured table and maintain it tracking each table's update.

This idea provides a method to optimize an automation table automatically. Fig.1 shows functional block figure of this idea.

"Automation tabel optimization tool" consists of followong two processes;

(1)Discomposition of IF-THEN statements Basically an automation table consists of following IF-THEN statement;

IF "condition" THEN "action"

And some automation table is already constructed as hierarchically structured table . These IF-THEN statements should be discomposed into multiple single IF-THEN statements at first.
(2)Transfomation of IF-THEN statements into hierarchically structured tabel Discomposed IF-THEN statements are restrucrtured into a integrated hierarchically structured tabel.

"Decomposed IF-THEN statements" and "N layer structured automation tabel"in Fig.1 are produced by "Automation tabel optimization tool" as interim work files.


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Automation table optimization program

Decomposition of IF-THEN statements

Transformation of IF-THEN statements into hierarchically structured table

Source automation tabel (1)

Decomposed IF-THEN statements

N layer structured automation table

Best structured automation table

IF C1 and C2 THEN   IF C3 THEN     A1   IF C4 THEN     A2 IF C5 or C6 THEN   A3

IF  C1 and C2  and C3      THEN A1 IF  C1 and C2  and C4      THEN A2 IF  C5 or  C6              THEN A3 IF (C7 or  C8) and C9     THEN A4 IF (C7 or C8) and C10 and C11 THEN A5 IF C12                         THEN A6

: :

IF C100 THEN   IF-THEN statements IF C200 THEN   IF-THEN statements IF C300 THEN   IF-THEN statements