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An aiding system for reporting system failure Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127345D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-25
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A program is disclosed that notifying the secondly problem for complex system structure and creating report with referring to past problem information easily. Effectiveness of invention (1).Help to prevent from occurring secondly problem for complex system structure. (2).Reduce workload for creating problem report by reusing past information. (*)Envisioned applying environments For environments in which are composed by various vender and maker hardware and software, each system has monitoring system independently and not making reports in a unified way. In those surroundings, system administrator tends to set following 3 steps tasks to manage system failure. (1).First Step: After publishing some problem reports from systems, system operator checks those reports according to maintenance manuals. (2).Second Step: Judging from those reports and maintenance manuals, system operator decides which action should be taken to solve the problem and do it. (3).Third Step: After solving the problem or adapting make shift solutions , system operator create problem report which would be registered on another system which manage all problem reports of all systems. However, these types of management have two major problems written under below. Problem1: These environments would not clear secondly problem which involve more than one system in operational manuals (especially the problems which have time-lag between first incident and second one), so that system management tend to reoccur the secondly problem which could be prevented. Problem2: Secondly problem reports which are written by system operator tend to be very complex and level of description would not be unified. Those reports can not use to analyze problems as the same one.

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An aiding system for reporting system failure

(1) Structure of invention

                     Fig1. Structure of invention

1. Systems: Service providing systems
2. Problem information request control system: Server for controlling data requested from client PC
3. Problem data management system: Server for unifying the all problem data   4. Client PC for requesting Problem information: Client PC for requesting Problem Information

Fig2. Example of client view

Problem Control No: Auto numbered unique Problem No. Error_ID: Problem No which reported from systems Server: Server name in which problem occurred


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Date: Problem occurred date (

Related Problem: If the cause of problem is affected by other problem, describe the original problem control No here.

Description: Description of problem Countermeasure: Countermeasure for problem Past Problem Information: Output past problem information identified by Problem Control No.

                  - Date: Output the date which problem occurred ( - Related Problem: Output existence or nonexistence information of past problem - Related problem information: if past problem exists, output related problem data such as server name, error_id, time lag Description: Description of past problem information Countermeasure: Countermeasure for past problem

(2) Description of structure 
1. Registering and referring problem information

Register problem information by using Web browser on the Client PC - Registering problem information
By using Web browser on the Client PC, register the problem information into problem data management system via problem information request control system. (See Fig3)

-Referring problem information

By usin...