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Queued Item Management

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127350D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-25
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A wireless mobile device user often completes work on his device while disconnected from the wireless network. This work, be it e-mail, calendar event scheduling, or submitting an customer sales order form, remains on the device until it is uploaded to the server during the next data synchronization. Currently, during a synchronization, data is transferred to and from the server in an order that is determined by the device client or server software with no regard to priority of the data items being synchronized. A solution for managing, sorting and reviewing the data items in queue is beneficial from a cost perspective in a situation where users are paying by the byte or by the minute for his/her data connection. For example, when a user is performing a synchronized on a pay-for network, the user can selectively synchonize only the highest priority items (for example, urgent e-mails or rush sales orders) in order to minimize costs. The user may then choose to synchronize the remaining items using a wired cradle or higher bandwidth connection.Sorting queued items also alleviates the common problem of unreliable and intermittent connectivity by giving the user the ability to make sure that important items are synchronized to and from the server before less important items. For example, users expect connectivity to be inconsistent at times, often resulting in 'dropped' connections. A user with the power to prioritize queued items has the control to make sure the most important data is transferred first, before possibly moving out of the wireless network range.

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Queued Item Management

The proposal for queued item management consists of the following: if data items exist on the device and have not yet been uploaded to the server, the applications that were used to create these data items display a 'waiting indicator' status icon. A user can click on this icon to view and work with the list of items currently waiting to be synchronized. This list contains a summary of details of the items that are in the 'waiting state'. The user can open and/or edit queued items from this screen and also sort the synchronization order of the queued items. Similarly, the user may also access a list of items that are waiting to be downloaded from the server to the device. In this case, the user may have data in the inbound queue from a previous incomplete synchronization or has chosen to only download a list of to-be-synchronized items from the server, opting to pick and choose from that list before synchronizing all data items on the server. The detailed description below outlines the preferred embodiment of prioritizing data items to be synchronized on the device, but the principles apply equally to the concept of prioritizing items to be synchronized from the server.

Here are the documented steps for the queued item proposal:
1. Items have been created in an application and are waiting to be uploaded to the server during the next synchronization.
2. A visual, 'items waiting' indicator is displayed with the related application

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