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Safety Door Handle Shielding System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127355D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-25
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Car door handles are temptations to children. It is very dangerous for a child to open a door while a car is moving. Children play with safety door locks. the failure of a safety door lock can lead to serious injuries. A child playing with a door handle can also be distracting to driver, and there is no way for driver to visually check to ensure that the safety door lock is enabled. This invention consists of an intelligent safety door handle shielding system which totally hides the door handle when necessary. The shield could cover each door handle, or the door handle could be retractable. The system could be manually deployable by the driver with a button or could be deployed automatically. It could be integrated with the car's electronic system and could provide scheduling policies. It could also be automatically deactivated. The invention is safer than current safety door locks because it completely hides the door handles from children. Also, the driver can visually check the locking system.

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Safety Door Handle Shielding System

The car door shielding system is a means of protecting car door handles from manipulation by children. It could be implemented with sliding covers over each door handle or can be designed such that door handles are themselves retractable. Either system would make the door handles unreachable by children during desired periods of operation of the automobile. The shielding system could be launched automatically, such as when the car is in motion, and could be released automatically under circumstances that require fast exit (such as when air bags are deployed or the car is submerged). If there were no children in the car, it would also be desirable to disable the shielding system manually. The shielding system can also contain a manual override facility for disengaging it. It can be integrated with the car electronic system and can support scheduling policies (e.g., such as time or day of week). It can also provide support for an override button and automatically deactivated during accident (e.g., when air bag activated.). Automated disablement would require detectors for air bag deployment and water submersion. Such detectors are already available as prior art.

The shielding system ensures that the car door is locked safely. It completely hides door handles from children. The driver can concentrate on driving without being distracted by a child playing with the door handle. It provides the driver with a way to visually check the...