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Method for software user training and error recovery, by comparing actual, logged steps to optimal steps Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127357D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-25
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This invention addresses problems where users are trying to determine what has gone wrong with a certain task. They might have been interrupted while performing a task and can't really remember what they have done, or they are trying to consult materials that often are not readily accessible. This idea seeks to assist users in problem determination by: telling the user what has been done so far, comparing the steps with best practices for similar tasks, and displaying the differences between the users' steps and the stored steps to pinpoint user errors.

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Method for software user training and error recovery, by comparing actual, logged steps to optimal steps

This invention includes keeping logs or outputs on hand that are considered "best practices" or the gold standard for performing a task. It would perform sophisticated "diffing" to compare a user's log to the best practice log for a task. It could display the comparison, or focus on areas of improvement in the user's task performance.

The system has the following components:

   Upon request, tell me what I've done, and display steps to the user = Graphical user interface
Compare steps with best practices = Differencing engine, log storage facility Web tool that displays the differences between the user steps resulting from the use of the invention and the best practices, to pinpoint user error = Graphical user interface
If the user hits snags, point out information that can assist the user = Configurable file or more dynamic mapping mechanism, onto a set of topics in an information or documentation system
The following flowchart depicts this procedure:


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 Have steps to complete a task?


   Generate steps (e.g., RWS8-2005-0202)


Display options to user:
A. Display steps completed (tell me what I've done)
B. Compare steps with stored steps (compare to best practices)

 User selected A or B?




Display steps completed

Search for steps for same task or objective in store facility

Y User




 Steps stored for same task or objective?

N Store steps?

Display message: There are no steps for this task on file.



Compare steps and display differences. Optional: Include...