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Inflatable Wrist Rests Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127358D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-25
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A method is disclosed that provides wrist support via an article residing on a user's wrist. The support mechasism is provided by an inflation of elastic material on the underside of the wrist article.

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Inflatable Wrist Rests

A fashionable wrist article (ie. watch, bracelet, etc.) or glove will contain an expandable underside (or lower palm area for the glove). When a trigger (ie. button) on the article is invoked, the underside will expand until it detects a solid surface or reaches its maximum expansion size. The user can also watch the inflation, stopping the inflation once the rest is suitable for their needs. The inflated setting can be saved as a preference for the user either within the article itself or on a suitable device for which the setting corresponds (ie. laptop). The user can select multiple settings for other positions (desk, lap, etc) and also save these as preferences. Any of the saved preferences can optionally be tied into the user login (username, fingerprint, biometrics, etc.), thus allowing the inflation to occur automatically when the user logs into the computer. This will allow for multiple user preferences to be stored.

The wrist article or glove can be deflated by pressing a trigger on the device.