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Dessicant filled Arm Electronics Bracket Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127367D
Publication Date: 2005-Aug-25
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Space is of primary concern with the decrease in size of small disk drives. Performance features and components need to be squeezed into smaller and smaller areas. The combining of parts utilizes the available space most efficiently. A dessicant filter is a main component in the drive and takes up a considerable amount of space. The arm electronics bracket positions the arm flex cable and provides rigidity to connect the AE module spring fingers with the contacts on the printed circuit board. An enlarged cavity inside the AE bracket can be made large enough to insert a dessicant tablet whcih can then be sealed at the top with an expanded PTFE laminate material which adheres to the top of the side walls with an approved pressure sensitive adhesive.

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Dessicant filled Arm Electronics Bracket

  The combining of the dessicant with the arm electronics bracket saves valuable space, eliminates a part number, reduces assembly time, and maximizes the amount of dessicant which can be used. The dessicant tablet geometry matches the cavity of the arm electronics bracket and is then covered with expanded PTFE laminate material with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing. The laminate material could have an additional mylar label to restrict/prevent water absorption before the bracket is assembled into the disk drive.

Disclosed by Hitachi Corporation


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