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Mechanism to generate real time password with user defined formula Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127402D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-29
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Disclosed is a mechanism to generate real time password with user defined secret formula. Currently, most of the password for authenticating user for ATM(Automatic Teller machine), Telephone banking or access control System consist of 4-6 numerical password. This password is fixed, unless user change the password manually. This password can be seen by nearby person or monitored electronically. This problem can be solved by scrambling password from time to time, using the secret formula defined by user. User and the System need to have initial agreement on the secret formula to use for generating real time password. User have to calculate new password at the time of usage by modify standard fixed password with the time variable and secret formula that was defined by user.

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Mechanism to generate real time password with user defined formula

The main idea is to use variable numbers that changed from time to time in conjunction with secret formula to calculate new real time password. Variable numbers can be taken form Date, Day, Hour, Minutes, Second or random number generate by System. User can calculate new real time password by modify fixed password with secret formula and variable numbers. Only the user and System know the secret formula. This real time password will not valid after the time is expired or the next logon screen.

There are 3 components used to create real time password
1. Original fixed password, given to user by current System , for example 1234
2. Variable number that user select , for example if the time is 17/08/05 11:25:42 (DD/MM/YY HH:MM:SS) and user select HH as the variable number , then the variable number is 11
3.The secret formula that user defined, for example if the user define formula by adding varible number to first and last digit of fixed password , the the new real time password is 1234 +1xx1 =2235 .User can use human brain to calculate this simple formula.

     When user enter real time password, System will validate the password with the same secret formula define by user. If any hacker can see the password, it is very difficult to guess the password because there are many combinations of variable number and secret formula.

Fig 1.The process flow for both System and user

Initial fixed password

Real time password

 Current password system

Fig 2.Example of user defined formula

User select MM (Minutes f...