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Method to Reference History of Text Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127409D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-29
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A method is disclosed that captures the ancestral history of text every time it is copied and attaches that history as a property of the text.

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Method to Reference History of Text

When copying text from one place to another, the user loses the history of the text. There can come a time where the user wants to revisit the original source of the text.

Currently users can make the text a hyperlink that can reference the source of the text, but this solution will not work if the text was copied multiple times from multiple locations, and has multiple references.

Footnotes are also used to reference copied material, but footnotes give no historical information. Footnotes only reference the direct source in which the material was copied, not the ancestral information.

This solution will automatically attach the source of the copied text to the text itself and will allow users to reference the history of the text.

Advantages of this solution are:

History can be attached to text and referenced by anyone

Multiple sources can be attached to the same text

Whenever text is copied and pasted outside of the current document, our invention will attach the source as a property of the copied text, whether it be an online document, text file, etc. If the text (or any portion of the text) is copied multiple times, the source of each copy is saved with the text. By right-clicking on any part of the pasted text, an option will exist that will allow the user to reference all sources of the text.

Website A Website B (text pasted from Website A) ( (


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Document C (text pasted from Website B)

Lots of times, poeple copy text and then add, remove, or rearrange words in the copied text. This solution will keep track of the source in these cases as well. To ensure the source of the copy is kept even when the text is reworded, invisible markers will be placed at the beginning and end of the copied text. If any text containing this marker is selected, the source(s) will be given.


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This will also handle the case where the selected text contains multiple copies. All markers in the selected text will be added to the source list....