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Publication Date: 2005-Aug-30

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According to the present invention a carbonylation process comprises reacting at least one unsaturated reactant in the form of a compound having an aliphatic moiety with at least one unsaturated carbon-carbon bond; carbon monoxide; and a nucleophilic co-reactant in the presence of a Group VIII metal catalyst wherein the catalyst is prepared by the combination of i) a source of Group VIII metal; ii) a ligating compound to coordinate to the Group VIII metal, which ligating compound includes at least one atom selected from phosphorus, arsenic and antimony; and iii) a composition prepared by combining a source of boron and one or more sources of R, R being one or more organic groups which are the same or different, which source of boron and one or more sources of R are capable of reacting with each other to form an anion or source thereof of general formula (II) (See full text) wherein each R is an organic group, and R being the same or different; and the composition being characterized therein that the molar ratio of the total amount of R to boron is more than 2. The composition of step iii) may be pre-formed or it may be formed in situ.