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A method to improve durability of Hard Disk Drive Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127536D
Publication Date: 2005-Aug-31
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A method to improve durability of Hard Disk Drive is disclosed. It resolves a well-known problem 'sit on a track'.

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A method to improve durability of Hard Disk Drive

A hard disk drive is designed as a random access storage device. But some application can issue Read or Write commands continuously in a narrow range of LBA (Logical Block Address). This operation makes the head position stay in a very narrow range of cylinders, and detracts from its durability. This problem is known as 'sit on a track'. Usually a hard disk drive tries to move the head position not to stay on a track, but the algorithm cannot reduce the the sitting time on a track adequately. The basic algorithm is that the head position is moved periodically when no command is expected to be issued. When commands are issued continuously, the head position is moved by making a command be waited for execution. But the time duration on a track is not reduced sufficiently.

When 'sit on a track' is detected, the head position can be moved to other randomly determined position and can stay there for a short period of time before executing a command. It is possible to make the head position move to random location every command, every specified number of commands, or every specified period of time. The period to stay at random locations can be determined by considering the durability and the performance of command execution.

Disclosed by Hitachi Corporation