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Teamroom Document Filer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127557D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-01
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Method to file Lotus Notes documents directly to Teamrooms based on user-configured entries.

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Teamroom Document Filer

Users of Lotus Notes Mail commonly receive emails that they wish to file into common teamroom databases for storage or sharing with other team members. When filing for record keeping, they often want to capture the entire email including email header information. Often this involves multiple steps of forwarding the email, copying the forwarded mail, creating a new document, and pasting the copied information into the new document, and copying-pasting the subject line.

A method is disclosed whereby an end-user of an email or document database system may use the method to create copies of documents into predefined teamroom locations. Using this Teamroom Filing method, the user first identifies the required information to identify the network location, specific database, and required fields to be set in the target document (new copy). This information is configured into configuration documents in a database local to the user or the user's system. The user also integrates program code into their source system which will refer to the configuration information to perform actions. The user invokes this integrated code to copy documents to their choice of desired target locations.

In a Lotus Notes environment, this method creates a three-click method to copy an email, including the email header information, to a teamroom location. This is desirable to file and forget documents that need to be saved for auditing purposes.

This method allows for cop...