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Method to Automatically Discover Remote Input/Output (RIO) TopologyHardware Configurations on RIO SAN and Non-RIO SAN loops and error analysis of both RIO SAN and Non-RIO SAN Loops. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127565D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-01
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The DS8000 is manufactured and supported with fixed configurations. Locations of adapter cards, cabling and connections are fixed. The DS8000 needs to validate the cabling connections to ensure maximum performance. The Remote Input/Output Topology (RIO) is the mechanism used to validate the physical configurations of a pair of interconnected CECs configured as a single dual-CEC DS8000. It is also usable for any set of interconnected systems that use high speed loops connection interfaces such as RIO (Remote Input/Output Topology), SMA (Shared Memory Adapters), and IB (Infiniband).

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Method to Automatically Discover Remote Input /Output (RIO) TopologyHardware Configurations on RIO SAN and Non -RIO SAN loops and error analysis of both RIO SAN and Non-RIO SAN Loops.

A program is disclosed that is used to automatically harvest, validate, and perform RIO loop error analysis on on both the Storage Area Network (SAN) and Non-Storage Area Network (Non-SAN) loops. The RIO Topology on the DS8000 is a fixed configuration that must be assembled correctly by IBM manufacturing and IBM field personnel in order to exceed the performance metrics of our previous high-end storage products and our competitors.

After the DS8K is physically connected and powered on, the RIO Topology is harvested, validated, and error analysis is invoked via the Hardware Management Console (HMC). The program returns several important attributes about the RIO Topology and those attributes are then used to ensure that the RIO Topology is correct and fully operational for the specific model of the D8K. An example of the RIO Topology configuration and the attributes are listed below.


FunctionControlSystemSerial LeadingPortStatus


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The value of the attributes listed above are first harveste...