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The improvement of a mail client software Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127577D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Sep-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-02
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Disclosed is an improvement of e-mail client software, particularly in business use, in order to reduce the number of e-mails and mailbox size. Specifically, the idea relates to a method of storing correspondence and storing attachment file.

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The improvement of a mail client software

1. Background

In recent years, e-mail has become an indispensable tool for business.

An e-mail is not only a communication tool, but now, a mailbox is a personal database that stores much kind of data that is relevant to business.

For business use, convenient features of an e-mail server or client (e.g. "cc", "reply history", "attach file") are used very frequently, and these caused some problems:

- Quoted histories and attachment files make the size of user's mailbox expand more than necessary.

- Because of too much e-mail traffic, important e-mails which the user should process will flow away actually, or related e-mails such as reply will be scattered all over the mail view.

2. Conventional solutions

Conventionally, some ideas to solve these kinds of problems are known as described below.

One is the tree-style mail thread view like a discussion bulletin board which focused on the mail history.

Many e-mail software products today have this feature, but there remains some problems as following: - New reply messages are hung down from old parents, therefore they will be displayed in the old area of the view, and might be unremarkable. - Even when tree view mode was used, the number of lines of list does not decrease, therefore visual burden still remains.

Moreover, aiming to minimize the number of duplicate copies of attachment files on mail server, there is an idea about "master file and pointer" - when a user sends an e-mail containing attachment file to many recipients to simultaneously by cc, the mail server will keep only one master file and embedding a pointer in each mail message. But here also remains problem as following: - It is not taken into consideration about duplication on client side because of "reply history with attachment" or same file from another sender by chance.

3. Body of the invention

In business, all the past messages are often quoted to the latest mail in order to explain whole story or to show evidence.

This is another solution...