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Improved Disposable Cutting Sheets Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127627D
Publication Date: 2005-Sep-06
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A variety of improvements are discussed for disposable cutting sheets.

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Improved Disposable Cutting Sheets

Jeff Lindsay and Fung-Jou Chen Kimberly-Clark Corporation


Disposable cutting surfaces have been proposed and marketed with the objective of allowing consumers to cut meat, poultry, and other foods on a low-cost mat that can be thrown away. Such products have the potential to contain fluids released from food during cutting, reduce the spread of germs, simplify clean up, and so forth. One example of such a product is the Cut and Toss Disposable Cutting Board marketed by the Tradewell Group (Naples, Florida), described at . The product comprises a paperboard laminated to a cut resistant plastic layer. Score marks allow portions of the product to be upturned to help contain the flow of juices liberated from the item being cut. Another commercial product is the SARANTM Disposable Cutting Sheet marketed by S.C. Johnson, Inc. (Racine, Wisconsin). This is a laminated plastic and paper product labeled with US Patent No. 5,520,945, "Method of Rolling Dough Using a Disposable Sheet," issued May 28, 1996 to Coggins.

Other patents relating to disposable cutting boards include US 6,274,232, "Absorbent Sheet Material Having Cut-Resistant Layer and Method for Making the Same," issued Aug. 14, 2002 to Otten et al.; US 6,383 614, "Multi-Purpose Absorbent and Cut-Resistant Sheet Materials," issued May 7, 2002, to Carson et al.; US 6,383,615, "Absorbent Sheet Material Having Cut- Resistant Layer and Method for Making the Same," issued May 7, 2002 to Otten et al.; US 6,391,806, "Flexible, Cut Resistant, and Absorbent Fibrous Sheet Materials," issued May 21, 2002, to Carson et al.; US 6,468,646, "Multi-Purpose Absorbent and Cut-Resistant Sheet Materials," issued Oct. 17, 2002 to Carson et al.; US 6,579,816, "Multi-Purpose Absorbent and Shred-Resistant Sheet Material," issued June 17, 2003 to Lockett; US 6,592,983, "Absorbent Sheet Material Having Cut-Resistant Particles and Methods for Making the Same," issued July 15, 2003 to Carson et al.; and US 6,617,004, "Multi-Purpose Absorbent and Cut-Resistant Sheet Materials, issued Sept. 9, 2003 to Lake et al.

Products on the market as well as many of those proposed elsewhere suffer from a number of drawbacks. For example, though the aforementioned SaranTM Disposable Cutting Sheets have received some positive reviews, there appear to be several shortcomings such as:

1. Extremely low absorbency of the thin, dense absorbent layer

2. Slow intake - released liquids readily pool and can run off

3. Unidirectional, linear barriers channel fluid to the sides and cut off much of the absorbent material from access to fluid.

4. Thin, flat design does little to contain run off.

5. User does not know when excessive knife pressure is being applied that may result in cutting through the product.

6. The substantially non-deformable structure does not adequately cushion an underlying surface from some of the blows and cutting strokes that may be deliver...