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An analysis of cross gain saturation effects in systems of cascaded erbium-doped fiber amplifers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000128120D
Original Publication Date: 1999-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-14
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Carter, Dedric A: AUTHOR [+2]

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> I would first like to give praise and honor to God for giving me the strength, wisdom, knowledge, and courage to come to a place like Massachusetts Institute of Technology and do well and be proud of it. Without him, I would do nothing. MIT is a fountain of possiblity from which I drank heartily; yet, I still thirst. I continue to press toward the mark of the high calling of God knowing that perfection is not yet attained. If I am to have a legacy, let it be, "; He did the best he could were he was with what he had. "; This is the true measure of success. I have to thank my parents, Rev. Dr. David Carter and Vida P. Carter, for their love and support through it all. Their strength and endurance is an inspiration to me. It helps me to keep going regardless of the situation. They pushed me to do more and do it better, and for that, I am eternally greatful. I thank my siblings, David, Angela, and Alissa. Your support has been wonderful over the years. I thank my nephew Christopher for helping me to see that although I live at school, school does not have to be my life. I thank my nephew Jaylin for bringing the hope of a new generation. Kim, Laqueth, and Charles, the newest recruits to the fan club also receive my thanks. Family is an important support structure. Without it we are lost. My family has been the source of my inspiration. Beck kept me supplied with a hefty amount of sweets for the sugar rush and Velma was always there working a late night math problem with me over the phone. I have to thank my thesis supervisor Vincent Chan who gave me the freedom to explore and really learn some important stuff while directing me in his own special way. The freedom and responsibility that he gave to me for my graduate education was amazing, and fairly unparalled by most other supervisors that I have encountered. I especcally thank my research supervisors Erich Ippen and Jeff Kom. Prof. Ippen always cleared a moment to talk with me about some pressing problem. Jeff was there in the trenches with me everyday coaching, helping, and supporting. He identified an area where there was a wealth of potential, and pointed me in the proper direction. Then he stood guard as a compass to ensure that I did not lose course.

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An Analysis of Cross Gain Saturation Effects in Systems of Cascaded Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifers


Dedric A. Carter
BSEECS Candidate for the Master of Engineering Degree

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

In conjunction with MIT. Lincoln Laboratory Division of Communications and Information Technology Advanced Networks Group Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

May 7, 1999 [June 1999]
(c) Copyright 1999 MCMXCIX Dedric A. Carter. All rights reserved.

The author hereby grants to M.I.T. permission to reproduce and distribute publicly paper and elecctronic copies of this thesis and to grant others the right to do so.

SIGNATURE OF author: [[signature omitted]]

Dedric A. Carter

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science May 7,1999

Vincent W. S, Chan

Co-Director Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics Thesis Supervisor

Arthur C. Smith Chairman, Department Committee on Graduate Theses ARCHIVES MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY LIBRARIES JUL 15 1999

Table of Contents

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Page 1 Dec 31, 1999

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An analysis of cross gain saturation effects in systems of cascaded erbium-doped fiber amplifers


Laypersons Summary.....6
List of Figures.....9
List of Tables.....12
Chapter 1. Motivation for Study.....13
1.1 Historical Perspectives of Lightwave Communications.....13
1.2 The Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier.....15
1.3 Wavelength Division Multiplexing.....18
1.4 The Problem.....19
1.4.1 Characterization of the Problem.....19
1.4.2 Statement of the Problem to be Investigated.....24
1.5 Summary.....24
Chapter 2 Background.....26
2.1 Historical Overview of the Research Literature in Characterizing Cross Gain Saturation.....26
2.2 Historical Overview of Research Literature in Mitigating Cross Gain Saturation.....27
2.2.1 Pump Control.....27
2.2.2 All Optical Gain Clamping.....28
2.3 Summary of What is Known and Unknown About the Topic.....29
2.4 Significance of Study.....30
2.5 Summary.....31


Chapter 3 Characterization of Transmission Impairments.....32

3.1 Research Methodology.....32
3.2 Single-Stage.....38
3.2.1 Modulation Depth.....40
3.2.2 Phase Measurements.....56
3.3 Cascaded Effects on Transmission Systems.....61
3.3.1 Transmitter Module.....62
3.3.2 Transmission Channel Module.....63