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Wearable mouse --- aka The Finger Mouse Disclosure Number: IPCOM000128255D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Sep-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-15
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This idea is allow for a small wearable wireless mouse using Bluetooth for the wireless connection. The idea of a wearable mouse that rests on the fingers prevents the users from having to move their hands from the keyboard while typing, clears up the desktop space by removing a 'mousing area' and allows presentations to be done without the need to carry the remote, etc. There are many other benefits that can be recognized from this freedom, for example many TV's are now coming with a built in internet connection. While it's easy enough to put a keyboard on your lap it's hard to find a suitable mousing area... until the finger mouse!

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Wearable mouse --- aka The Finger Mouse

A mouse pointer is described having several possible designs with two main types; the single finger mouse and the double finger mouse. The single finger design has both the left and right buttons integrated into the sleeve of the mouse pointer. The double finger design has the mouse pointer on one sleeve (for one hand) and the mouse buttons are on a sleeve for the opposite hand. Each design can use a separate 'ring' for each button and are connected to a sleeve (see diagrams)

Appropriate logic and controlls can be included in the mouse devices so that they will be compatible with different systems and hardware and communicate by wireless means.


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