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Remote Control with Changing Element Disclosure Number: IPCOM000128440D
Publication Date: 2005-Sep-16
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25.05.2004 page 1/3
Adolf Proidl

Storage Systems and Applications Draft Philips Research

Remote Control with Changing Element ID 694260

1 State of the Art

The rendering of a device or information state in physical space is state of the art (e.g. changing the color of a light element in line with the day performance of a particular stock, or stock exchange index). Additionally personal video recording technology and two- way communication with a remote control is broadly known.

2 Identified Issues of State of the Art

The rendering of information in physical space aims at freeing the user from looking up information in a system, but rather having it available at a glance. This approach is not well suited for a situation where a user is already operating a device (typically a more complex device like an entertainment hub that offers many entertainment options) and shall naturally be guided to the most promising entertainment experience.

3 Outline of Application

The core idea of this application is a home entertainment system that can be operated by means of a remote control characterized by:

· physical properties of the remote control being dynamically changed
· changing of parts of the remote control is based on information that was transmitted from a device to the remote control.

It can be mentioned that:

· changing of parts of the remote control can be used to guide the user to, or make the user aware of the availability of a rewarding experience
· the availability of a user profile together with automatic user recognition can be used to target the functionality at one individual
· additionally to changing parts of the remote con...