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Multipart chat history enhancement

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000128871D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Sep-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-20
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This article deal with an enhancement of chat clients improving usability and capability of such clients. Nowadays the multipart chat have the great inconvenient to let a user joining a multipart chat to be able to read only messages written after his joining time. The article will provide a solution to this problem.

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Multipart chat history enhancement

During a multipart chat user is able to see only messages starting from the time he joined. So to be able to fully understand conversation he must ask for an explanation of matter of discussion and about already written sentences.

     However the owner of the chat have the entire chat information so there should be no reason to be required to explain conversation to people joining in a second time. The solution consist of an additional functionality of multipart chat that is 'invite other with history' button that send invitation to participants with a buffer of information that are the streamed chat content. In that way users joining in a second time can read previous conversation without bothering owner and other participants asking a summary of already written dialogs. Chat client can easily implement such functionality locally storing a temporary textual file (on owner chat machine) containing the chat messages that can be streamed into a buffer and eventually sent to participants. Chat client of receiver will interpret such streamed conversation showing it on his chat window ( using a greyed color to indicate conversation was written before he joined chat) so that receiver can read all history of conversation.

     This feature have a sensible impact on usability and capability of chat clients and also on user-experience of chat user.