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Mobile SMS reader and recorder Disclosure Number: IPCOM000128872D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Sep-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-20
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This article deal with an improvement of capability of cellular phones introducing a new feature that allows management of incoming and outcoming sms messages without use of the eyes and the hands.

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Mobile SMS reader and recorder

When using mobile phone with headset people are not able to read short message if driving or not able to look at mobile monitor. So they must stop driving or taking any risk to be able to manage sms in these circumstances.

     The idea is that when using headset a software should be able to read sms allowing to use sms technology without hands and eyes. So for example if you are driving and you receive a sms you can decide, in the same way you decide to answer to call, to let phone interpret sms and convert it into an audio message that can be listened with headset. Same technology can be applied to write sms in the same circumstances. So you can register an audio message that will be converted into text and sent as a simple sms instead of using mms technology.

     The advantage of such idea is also for people having eyes handicaps. Realization of such functionality can be obtained simply applying to phone a technology similar to ones actually used to convert voice into text or viceversa.