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Automatic Virtual Machine provisioning Disclosure Number: IPCOM000128928D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Sep-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-21
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Described is a new method to automatically provision a virtual machine locally or remotely and give the user access to this virtual machine.

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Automatic Virtual Machine provisioning

When a user connects to the infrastructure from a non identified machine, he lands on a Web Site. After being authenticated, he specifies the physical and logical resources he wants to access. Physical resources definition includes: architecture, number of CPUs, amount of memory, etc. Logical resource definition refers to the name of one of the virtual machines the user owns.

Once the request is specified, the backend system sets up a partition on a multi-processors machine, allocating the resources defined in the request. The next step is to carve the disk resources to provision the virtual machine. Once the virtual machine is provisioned on the disk resource, the disk is attached to the partition and the machine is booted. After the boot process completes, the security is set and the user is given full access to the partition and the virtual machine.

When a user connects to the infrastructure using an already identified machine, the backend system retrieves the virtual machines associated with this particular user and checks the level of the virtual machine on the user's machine. If the system detects that some differences exist, a series of actions are performed to put the virtual images in sync.

The figure below shows more in detail the provisioning process. Through the Web site access, the user accesses a partition provisioned with the virtual machine and attached to the local partition. The virtual machine belonging to the user is pulled off the backend storage, a dedicated storage resource is carved out the pool of storage resource and the virtual machine is provisioned on the storage resource. Once done, the storage is attached to the partition.


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active storage

Partition 1

Web Access


LUN 32

user1 VM

user5 VM user7 VM

user xxx VM



Partition 2

Partition 3

Virtual Machines

user1 VM

user7 VM

user 32 VM

user yyy VM

Partition n

user 7

Direct Access