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Method to Handle a "Rip Spool Full" Condition Disclosure Number: IPCOM000128949D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Sep-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-21
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Disclosed is a method to handle the situation where the "rip spool" on a printer becomes full; that is, runs out of room for additional ripped pages (the "rip spool" on a printer is a data storage area where pages that have been ripped; that is, made ready to be passed to the print engine, are stored). The rip spool exists because, on a printer, it is useful to be able to fully rip print jobs before printing such that printing those jobs is especially fast (ripped bitmaps are just pulled from the hard drive and handed to the print engine).

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Method to handle a "rip spool full" condition

The problem with the rip spool becoming full is that the printer is waiting for the job to fully spool before starting to print it.

To handle the complexities of running out of rip spool space while ripping a job to it, we have a complex solution. It includes:

Releasing a job to print when the full condition is found, if the job is of the type that will free up space as each sheet stacks. In this way, the job will free up space to do additional ripping as it prints. Note that the job is released in a special way such that it will only print up until it runs out of data, then will go back to waiting for the job to fully rip (or for the rip spool to fill up again).

If the job is not of a type to free up space as each sheet stacks (i.e. it only frees space when the entire job stacks), check to see if we are currently printing jobs off of the rip spool.

If so, enter a wait state, since there is some possibility that the job(s) being printed will free up space.

   If not, put up a window on the console saying essentially: "Out of room while ripping job X. Please free up some space by deleting jobs, or cancel job X." Checking before starting to write a job (of the type that frees up space as sheets stack) to the rip spool that there is sufficient space to guarantee that if the job is released to print, space will be freed up; the amount of space necessary is computed based on the printer model, the number of feet between the c...