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Operations on rip spool jobs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000128950D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Sep-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-21
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Disclosed is a complete package of operations on print jobs on the rip spool of a printer. The rip spool stores print jobs that have been "ripped"; that is, processed to the point where the job consists of a set of bitmaps that are ready to be printed.

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Operations on rip spool jobs

Provided in this disclosure is the ability to perform an operation on a rip spool job that is any combination of the following:

Release the job to print: no, as self (will be deleted after printing), as clone (will still exist on rip spool after printing).

Create copy of job on rip spool: yes, no Change job ticket: yes, no

There are a few other settings:

PIN to be used to do operations on the job: <value>, none (the PIN setting only makes sense if either creating a copy or changing the job ticket).

Job name of the new job: <value>, none (which means inherit from where this job was created from) (this setting only makes sense if the operation creates a new job). Number of copies: <value>, -1 (which means inherit from job this job was created from) (this setting is only used when the operation releases a job to print).

All combinations of the above are supported, in whatever way makes sense for those settings. For example, one can, in one operation, create a new job Y based on an existing job X, change the job ticket for job Y, save job Y to the rip spool (with a new name and different PIN), and also print 15 copies of job Y right now. In this case, X would not have been changed at all. In another example, one can change the job ticket for job X and also print it, deleting it after printing. In this case, job X will not be on the rip spool after it prints, and in fact, will not be available for further rip spool operations immediately....