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Retrievable Multi-Pressure Cycle Firing Head Disclosure Number: IPCOM000128973D
Publication Date: 2005-Sep-23
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Introduction: Customer requested a Retrievable Pressure Cycling Firing Head to be used to fire Modular Perforating Guns. It will have many applications other than Modular guns. The main requirement for the firing head is to allow customer to install perforating assemblies and retrievable firing heads in wells prior to installing production packers, tubing string, sub surface safety valves, etc., yet still be able to conduct maximum multiple pressure tests on the production equipment without firing the guns. The firing head must then be capable of firing the guns with much less actuating pressure than previous applied pressures during testing. This is accomplished by incorporating a pressure actuated "Rack & Paul" system into the firing head. However, this firing head will not be limited to "Rack & Paul" operation only, it will also operate utilizing a single stroke configuration requiring only pressure reduction after being armed with applied pressured. Prior Art References (List of Patents and Publications depicting prior art): References Cited are: 3,717,095; 4,496,010; 4,612,992; 4,823,875; 4,901,802;4,969,525; 5,078,210; 5,103,912; 5,115,865; 5,161,616. Objective – Problems Associated with Prior Art Sought to be Overcome: 1. Less complicated. 2. More reliable. 3. Less expensive. New Concept: See Attached Drawing Advantages of New Concept: Safe – Easy to assemble – Not complicated – Inexpensive to maintain – No nitrogen chambers. Preferred Embodiment (Best way to practice concept): Run firing head assembly attached to perforating guns, or since it is retrievable, it can be run separately from the guns. Should some problem arise with the firing head, it can be retrieved independent of the guns and replaced with another firing head. Assembly would consist of: Fish neck, firing head assembly, spacer section, crossover and connection to top of gun.

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