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Adjustable sky-bright electronic window light Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129000D
Publication Date: 2005-Sep-26
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Adjustable sky-bright electronic window light

For daylight simulation usually white light with a high colour temperature is used. Typical day-light lamps cover the radiation of day-light but doesn't give the idea of a sky-bright heaven.

Surprisingly it was discovered that with a combination of blue and green phosphor coated low -pressure mercury vapour lamps behind a diffuse plate gives a attractive sky-bright outlook. Especially when this is used in an artificial window.

Especially interesting is not to use two lamps or more lamps, but to combine this in one lamp. In a low -pressure mercury vapour lamp this can be done by a mixture of phosphors, for instance with the Blue emitting Barium Magnesium Aluminate (BaMgAl10O17:Eu) and the green emitting phosphor Cerium Terbium Magnesium Aluminate ([Ce,Tb]MgAl11O19). Typical colour points that give the sky-bright effect is within the square of the following CIE colour coordinates (0.18,0.28) (
0.30, 0.28) (0.30, 0.40) (0.18, 0.40)

In the case of this phos phor combination in one lamp, special features like the possibility of a small colour shift can be added by using pulse or dc operation. The following embodiments are envisaged by the invention:
1) Combination of 4 green and 4 Bleu T5 lamps mounted behind a diffuse plate in a kind of electronic window construction.
2) Sky-bright light solution in one lamp. A combination of those lamps can be used behind diffuse plate. Potential solutions:
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