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An open source market for musical composition Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129119D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Sep-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-28
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Musical composers are typically promoting their music through music labels. This means that only those who succeeded competition or made through contests are able to release their musical compositions. For those who could not have chance to go through opportunity, there is no chance to release their music. Among music fans, there are people who can compose guitar part but cannot compose vocal part, on the other hand, there are people who can compose vocal part but cannot compose guitar part. For people like this, it is often difficult to find out somebody that can create other parts of music. This makes it hard to complete musical compositions and thus they cannot become a professional musician even though they have a talent of music. >From the point of view of music copyrights, there is an organization called JASRAC responsible for protecting copyrights. JASRAC has criteria to register copyrights for any musical compositions. Some examples of criteria are such as playing the music with more than 500 audiences, or selling more than 1000 copies of its CD. The strict criteria would be a potential bar for music composers to protect their music. In software business, many developers join one team to develop big software. Then, why not in music business? The present invention provides open source methods for musical compositions. The methods enable incomplete music to be open to the public and gather any composers in a world to join musical compositions. The methods also provide place to sell and buy the composed music. The invention enables the followings: · To release incomplete music. · To provide place for any music composers to join incomplete music. · To clarify how to share copyrights of the music. · To provide place to sell and buy the complete music. · To provide place to sell and buy copyrights of the music.

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An open source market for musical composition

Member Fee Functiion

Member DB

Member Registration Function

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Incomplete music

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Complete music

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Figure: Concept of open source music market

1 Preparation for participation

1.1 Applications for membership Those who wish to release their musical compositions and those who wish to purchase musical compositions must apply a membership registration. The applications for membership run via the Internet: Collecting the information regarding the members and store the database with the said information. Then the membership ID shall be issued. The members must register their banking information including their name, address and bank account number in order to arrange the payment via wire transfer. The members can also register their pen name. It is important to register not only "pen name" but also register the "real name" at the same time. In our practice, copyrights in the name of "pen name" are protected. However, without his/her "real name", it is difficult to prove a person's identity. To register the banking information allows us to prove a person's identity and buy/purchase membership points reliably. The description of the point-based registration system will be stated later.

1.2 Point-based registration system Members of this system who wish to release or purchase the musical compositions must purchase and obtain the "points" from the musical composition market. The "currency" of the musical composition market is "point." Collecting the membership fees, transferring the certain rights, purchasing the music compositions can be operated by using the points on the musical composition market. The points refer the amount of certain rights to receive the services from the musical compositions market. The member uses his/her points in order to receive the services. If the member who has certain amount of points and desires to sell his/her points, the administrator of the market shall purchase the points immediately.

2 Musical compositions


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2.1 Registrations of the musical compositions

The composers shall store the on-line database with the registrations of the musical compositions. Sound data can be registered, yet, should be registered in a form of musical score to protect copyrights. The member will obtain the musical composition ID that corresponds to his/her membership ID. Using both musical composition ID and membership ID allows us to identify the composer and protect his/her copyright regarding his work. The very first person who registered the musical composition will be the executor of the composition. The executor enjoys exclusive r...