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Pressure Ring for Spot Friction Welding to Insure Joint Integrity Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129141D
Publication Date: 2005-Sep-28
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Pressure Ring for Spot Friction Welding to Insure Joint Integrity

            When joining two panels using spot friction welding technology there are occasions when the panels do not come together.  This forms a gap.  The weld tip has a protrusion centrally located to the welding electrode.  When the surfaces are brought together by opposing weld tips the panels deform around the stirring protrusion and a gap is created.  This is the resultant of weld tip geometry, panel separation and panel deformability under weld conditions.  The weld tips stirring protrusion inhibits the panel joining and exacerbates the gap.  This gap is indicative of a bad weld.  The gap production is found in panels that are not in close proximity but are brought together for welding buy tip clamping prior to welding.  As welding begins and heat is generated the panels warp around the nugget.  A gap is generated and weld failure is observed.


            There is no method currently being used to bring the two separated panels into welding proximity.  Our solution is to provide a device that consists of a lower ring affixed to the lower, non-rotating, welding tip, or anvil.  The upper ring is affixed to the welding head.  The upper ring does not spin/rotate with the welding tip because it is fixed to the upper head.  The tip is allowed to spin independent of the pressure ring.. The upper ring encompasses the spinning 'stirring' tip and provides pressure around...