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Visualization Indicator of a multi-status operation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129142D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Sep-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-28
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Visualization Indicator of a multi-status operation

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Visualization Indicator of a multi-status operation

Disclosed is a system to provide a comprehensive visualization of computer processes or business systems with the ability to see the trending history and future predictions, if the trending history continues. There are many areas where there is a need to understand how things are going relative to a scale. Today this is represented as a continuum going from good to bad (green, yellow, red) - the problem with this is that there is only one bad or not good.

Today - Indicator current state

Green Yellow Red

There are many cases when it is one needs to understand if one are too high or to low from a given value and that understanding where the state is relative to that good point is critical - i.e. is the state in the middle of the "good" area or the far right of the "good" area going rapidly to the yellow area?

This situation was resolved in manners. The first was to place a line indicator in the current methods of visualization to indicate how far into the various areas the state is - for example, the state might have just moved from "good" to "caution" - green to yellow.


Yellow Red

However - with just a bar indicator showing how deep or shallow into the caution area a process or a server is placed, it is impossible to tell trending. Was the bar moving from the "bad" zone (red) to the caution zone (yellow) - which is typically means the situation is improving or was it moving from the "good" zone (green) to the caution zone (yellow), which means the situation is degrading.

To provide a quick visual of where a process or system is relative to the good area (green) - one needs...