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Environmental Discovery Utility Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129153D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Sep-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-29
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Discloses a method allowing the discovery of the current environment for a product instalation or support.

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Environmental Discovery Utility

It can be difficult to determine the current environment of installed products, patches, network configuration and environment factors including network speed, firewalls, etc. Some tools provide some of this detail, but no tool combines all of this information to provide an understanding if the environment is appropriate for a new product installation, or product update. The purpose of this disclosure is to describe a utility to discover the environment to insure product compatibility. This utility can also be used to discover the environment for support or planning purposes.

The utility would discover the environment to insure product compatibility and provide an understanding of the environment. The report from this utility would be used to check for product installability before installing the product or update. The utility would check for (1) network compatibility - IP version, routers, hubs, DNS, name resolution, (2) software compatibility - OS levels, patches, software products (i.e. middleware) (3) environmental factors - network speed, firewalls. This utility can also be used by support and for customer environment testing prior to product development. In addition, the customer could use the utility to validate the environment prior to planning for a product installation or update.