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Automatic Configuration of Business System Attributes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129154D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Sep-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-29
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Disclose a method for automatic configuration of business system attributes.

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Automatic Configuration of Business System Attributes

This disclosure provides a method for relating attribute definitions to the business system definitions. This extends the ability to build business systems automatically through the use of naming conventions or attributes, and to the maintenance of the characteristics of those business systems also

This method allows the definition of characteristics, defined as methods, and the grouping of those methods to then be associated with the base business system, or actual resource business systems automatically generated upon creation, or change. This function is provided by defining the individual attributes as methods and grouping those methods together to associated these groups of method definitions with business systems that will be built. This also allows the specification of methods to apply to the base resources. This definition is based on a delimited file, that allows the specification to allow the building of business systems, and associating business systems attributes with those business systems.

Methods are defined for each of the attributes of the Business Systems and the resources. Once Methods are defined they can be grouped together within method group definitions. These method group definitions can then be specified for any of the business systems specified within the Path definitions, mapped to specific criteria, or specified on the criteria to path.

A sample definition is provided:




Pattern Class Attribute When Operator Operand 1 Operand2 1 G02M name Current LIKE Web% % 2 LOB name Current LIKE Web Pool% % 3 LOB name Current LIKE Reusable% %


Criteria Pattern PatternRelated 1001 11 1002 22 1002 32