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Hiding Text Addressed to Bcc Email Recipients Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129163D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Sep-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-29
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Described is a mechanism that allows the sender of an email to to mark text as hidden to all recipients except those that have been Blind Carbon Copied (Bcc).

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Hiding Text Addressed to Bcc Email Recipients

There is currently no way to hide text in an email message that is only meant to be read by Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) recipients of an email address. Suppose a user want want to send a message to a Bcc recipient, and he/she wants to enclose a reason or some other sort of information that, if it were included in the body of an email, would give away the fact that there are Bcc recipients of this message- the only current way to do that is to address a separate message to the Bcc recipient that contains the text that only he/she should read.

That problem could be solved via a markup tag that could be written in the body of the email message that indicates the enclosed text should not be included in the body of Cc and To recipients, but only in the body of the message viewed by Bcc recipients.

Following is an example of how the invention would work in an email message:



John, Mike:

The dates of the project have to be pushed out to next year.

<bcc>Sue, the project needs to be pushed out because Tom and Mike don't know what they are doing.</bcc>

In the message above, Sue will see the entire message including the text within the <bcc> tags. Tom and Mike, in addition to not knowing that Sue is receiving a copy of this message, will receive the message with the contents of the <bcc> tags excluded from its body.