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File Attribute To Prevent Recursive Filesystem Operations Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129166D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Sep-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-29
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This article describes a configurable attribute of a file residing on a file system that, if set, disallows itself from being referenced or modified in recursive operations performed by commands that are aware of this atribute.

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File Attribute To Prevent Recursive Filesystem Operations

Commands that read and/or modify attributes of files and directories residing in filesystems usually allow the execution of recursive operations on directories and all its contents. For instance, the following command:

chmod -R 755 /my/dir

Modifies the file permissions of all files and subdirectories below and including /my/dir. However, these commands do not provide an easy method to exclude certain files or directories from /my/dir 's tree. For instance, assume that /my/dir contains the following structure:

/my/dir/one /my/dir/one/x /my/dir/one/y /my/dir/two/ /my/dir/two/x /my/dir/two/y/ /my/dir/two/y/hello /my/dir/two/y/goodbye

Also, assume we wanted to recursively change the file permissions of every file except /my/dir/two/y and everything under it. We would have to execute the following commands to achieve the desired effect:

chmod -R 755 /my/dir/one chmod 755 /my/dir/two/x chmod 755 /my/dir/two chmod 755 /my/dir

To address this issue with commands such as chmod -R, this invention proposes the creation of a new file attribute that, if set, will exclude the file from recursive operations from commands that allow such operation as a means of reading and modifying files.

The invention consists of the following:

- A file attribute that will consist of a boolean value which, if set to true, indicates that it should be excluded from any recursive operations from commands. - New code in the commands that ar...