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Method of Display of Mobile Service Provider

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Original Publication Date: 2005-Sep-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-30
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Displaying mobile service provider information associated with call cost

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Method of Display of Mobile Service Provider

When any one receives a call from the cell phone, it displays the caller id and other caller information. This helps to identify who the caller is and whether to take the call or hang-up. One must also be aware of the call timing and the day time rate, night and weekend rate before talking for a long time in cell phone. Due to advent of new schemes from cell phone providers like family talk and unlimited mobile-to-mobile talk within the same service provider, this idea will help the customers to exploit these features with greater ease

Through the addition of service provider's name or an indication of a call-plan features along with the display of the caller id or call information, the user has more information available to use in determining whether to accept the call. A visual cue, or label could be used to indicate if the call is considered in-network, free, discounted, charged per-minute, or subject to a roaming or surcharge fee. This will help the subscribers have appropriate data in deciding to take the call and how long they are will to talk. If the caller is in network, then the talk time can be long which will not be expensive for the user since both are in the same network, else the user can talk very briefly or need not take the call at all.

This idea can also apply to the caller, just before connecting. Upon initiating a call, the caller could see similar information displayed on their phone prior to the called party answering their phone. This will help the caller to...