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Method to Determine Most Probable Number to Dial Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129231D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-03
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A method is disclosed that uses a tracking device to determine the location of a recipient, and maps that location to the location associated with known phone numbers for the recipient to determine the most probable number to dial to reach the recipient.

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Method to Determine Most Probable Number to Dial

Cellular phone books are capable of storing several telephone numbers for an individual (home, work, cell). Although all of these numbers are available, only one of them is set as the default phone number to be dialed when voice dialing. For example, if a caller speaks into the cell phone and says "Call Joe", Joe's default phone number will be dialed even though there may be 2 other phone numbers available for Joe.

The default phone number is not always the best number to reach someone, especially in cases of emergency. An algorithm is provided to determine where the receiver is, and then determine what is the best number to dial to contact the receiver.

To determine the best number to dial to increase the probability of reaching a receiver, the following are needed: location of the receiver and available phone number closest to the receiver.

To find the location of the receiver, a magnetic chip that includes Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology can be placed on or embedded in any object that is usually in the receiver's possession (keys, driver's license, jewelry). When purchased, the chip's GPS technology is activated and can then broadcast its location to a centralized location. Alternatively, the chip can make its location available, allowing its location to be queried.

To determine which of the available phone numbers should be dialed, the cellular phone will check its phone book for the receiver's phone numbers. Each phone numb...