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Short Term Uniform Resource Locator Bookmarks with Referencing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129265D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-04
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A method is disclosed that provides short-term bookmarking functionality in web browsers that reminds users of their short-term bookmarks before the session ends, and also provides history of referring pages.

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Short Term Uniform Resource Locator Bookmarks with Referencing

When reading web pages, most of the time there are other hyperlinks on the page. A reader may be interested in viewing several of the links, but would like to finish reading the current page first. By the time the reader finishes reading the current page, he may have forgotten that there were other links that he wanted to view.

The traditional bookmarking functionality that web browsers offer are for long-term bookmarks. These are designed for users to have access to in the future. This does not serve as a short-term bookmarking feature, and even if users chose to use this functionality as short-term bookmarking, they still may forget to view the bookmarks after reading the current page.

This will provide web browser functionality that will allow users to right click on any hyperlink and save the hyperlinks in a menu.

At any time during a session, the user can view the menu and access any of the short term bookmarks. Once a bookmark is viewed, it is removed from the menu.

Users can aslo type web addresses into the menu. This will be beneficial when reading something online triggers a user to think of another site to visit, although there is not a hyperlink for the site. For example, when doing online searching for computers, a user may visit Dell's website where reading something there makes them think of IBM. The user can type into the menu for later access.

When attempting to close the b...