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An original method and development to secure SMS messages on cellular phones Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129493D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-06
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The present publication discloses an original method and development to secure, through cryptography, SMS messages on cellular phones or any wireless devices.

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An original method and development to secure SMS messages on cellular phones

The problems solved by the invention are the following:
* Avoid non-wanted reading messages.
* Only granted people will be able to read an SMS message.
* Allows having a one-one coded communication as a one-to-many coded communications.

The core idea is to add a cryptographic functionality to the cellular phone program. If the function is enabled, it will ask for a secrete key for any message to send. If a blank key is entered, the function is not called and the SMS remains, as usual, not coded.

If at least one character is entered, the message is coded with the entered secrete key, stored (coded) and sent. The receiver will then be asked for the same secrete key in order to decode and read the message. Only the coded message is stored on the receiver cellular phone.

The objective is to avoid non authorized people to read a stored SMS (i.e message), or to intercept and read an SMS (i.e message). The secrete key used to code and decode messages can be different for any couple of sender-receiver. The code-decode process is performed by the cellular phones.

This new cryptographic functionality is based on a "D.E.S-like" algorithm and is added to the existing cellular phone program (when the device is built or applying a patch update on the device).

Function description

When the "Send a message" or "Save a message as draft" is called then

If the secrete key function is enabled then

Ask for a se...