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Announcing the B 5000 Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129528D
Original Publication Date: 1987-Jan-01
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Burroughs Corporation Equipment and Systems Marketing Division February 10, 1961 To Members of the Equipment and Systems Marketing Division:

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Copyright ©; 1987 by the American Federation of Information Processing Societies, Inc. Used with permission.

Announcing the B 5000


(Image Omitted: At the time of this announcement. Ken Bement was Vice- president-Marketing of the Equipment and Systems Marketing Division. This division was responsible for the marketing of all Burroughs products.)

Burroughs Corporation Equipment and Systems Marketing Division February 10, 1961 To Members of the Equipment and Systems Marketing Division:

It is indeed a pleasure to tell you that Burroughs is ready to introduce a revolutionary new general purpose electronic data processing computer, the B 5000. In addition we are about to introduce the first electronic data processing system applicable to the transit operation, the B 270, for banking and financial institutions. These products mark historic milestones for Burroughs and, in fact, for the entire industry.

Congratulations are most certainly in order to all of the members of the Burroughs organization whose contributions of imagination, enthusiasm and energy have made these remarkable systems possible.

The B 5000 provides us with an unparalled opportunity to move forward and stay in the lead in an important segment of the Electronic Data Processing field. The B 270 gives us an opportunity to make a contribution in a specialized, but important part of the financial market.

Without question, we now have the finest, most extensive product line that we have ever had. And I can say here that more is to come. Our products, plus our splendid sales force, service organization, branch office, district office and home office support group -- plus our opportunities in an ever expanding market certainly give us cause for the kind of enthusiasm and confidence that will make 1961 the best year in Burroughs 75-year history.

You will be hearing more about the B 5000 and B 270. This letter and the material accompanying it are to enable you to be among the first to know about these new systems and our plans for them. February 16 is the day we intend to introduce the B 5000 to the general public -- at a major press conference in New York City. Shortly after we will announce the B 270. I am sure these products will be the most talked about systems advances in industry and customer circles. Ken T. Bement Vice President

B 5000

The New Burroughs B 5000 Information Processing System is a decided departure from conventional computer concepts. It is marked by dramatically different machine logic and language. It thinks in the language of your problems. It is an integrated hardware-software package that sets:

New Standards of Programming Efficiency

IEEE Computer Society, Jan 01, 1987 Page 1 IEEE Annals of the History of Computing Volume 9 Number 1, Pages 8-10

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Announcing the B 5000

The B 5000 is the first system specifically designed for efficient use of the problem-oriented langua...