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Transforming an Industry Through Information Technology Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129769D
Original Publication Date: 1993-Apr-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-07
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A history project has been initiated by the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration to explore where, how, and why information technology has transformed an entire industry. Two industries have been covered: airlines end barking. Other studies are under way. Key findings have integrated two reaming processes: how to change the organization's structure, and how to team the new technology. A model of the process for reaching a dominant design has been established. A team of computer professionals with experience in the 1950s and beyond is helping to carry out the historical research. The findings show how strategies and structures interrelate to include the impact of systems on strategies and structures. This project emphasizes how innovative management uses technology. Historical studies of industries and the factors affecting their structure and vitality are a long-standing tradition. Since World War II, there have been many studies of the interrelationships of technologies and industries that use them. Business schools' case studies have made extensive contributions to understanding these relationships, including the increasingly widespread use of computers. The usefulness of these case studies indicates that they will continue to be widely pursued. There also is a rapidly developing literature on the origin of electronic computers and their applications. This literature covers the roles of individuals and R&D organizations, the development of hardware and software products, and the evolution of problem-solving methodologies.