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Diagnostic Tools and Framework for Java Dumps Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129857D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-07
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A Java* Virtual Machine works on a large number of different hardware and operating system platforms. Each platform has its own debug tools which, while similar, have different command sets and capabilities. Proposed here is a single cross platform interface for debugging Java Virtual Machines by providing a simple abstraction.

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Diagnostic Tools and Framework for Java Dumps


    Dump Analysis Tool and Framework (DATF) can be used to extract and format information from a complex data source. By complex data source, we mean one containing a set of data structures with defined formats and definable relationships. Most current debugging tools have means of defining the formats of the data structures - the STABS debugger format is a common example - our framework provides a means for defining the relationships and exploiting that definition.

The framework takes 3 sources of input:
1. A source of unformatted data.
2. A source of information containing a description of the layout of the data in the dump file (structure map).
3. A source of information containing mappings between the structures in data to the abstract presentation layer and the relationships between the structures (effigy map).

    The output is set of data objects (effigies) that represent the data in the dump which can be used either by the scripting environment included in the framework or within an application. Exploiting these effigies allows for a programmatic exploration of the data presented to the framework.

Figure 1

Example implementation:

    The following is an example of the use of the framework being used to examine a system dump (core file) from a crashed process:

The three inputs to the framework are:

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1. The dump file is a binary system dump (core fi...