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Targeted helpdesk support using automatic user skill level profiling Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129863D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-07
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This invention discloses a method of attributing a skill profile to users of a Helpdesk, in order to tailor the level of help for different users.

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Targeted helpdesk support using automatic user skill level profiling

Help desks and support groups respond to a user's problems in a standard way irrespective of the skill level of the user. Generally this means using the lowest common denominator, i.e. assuming the lowest skill level. For more experienced users this can be both slow and frustrating. It also slows down the help desk. When users are known to people on the help desk skilled help desk staff adapt their answers to the user.

    Based on users having raised several problems in the past, it is proposed to construct a metric which takes account of the result of the problems to determine a skill level for the user. Depending on the amount of data available metrics can be derived for overall skill level, and also skills on particular types of problems such as different software products. A helpdesk/support group can use this information to tailor their reply to the user.

    Problems raised by users (where a user might be defined as an individual, company, or other distinct set of people) are analysed by a helpdesk/support group after a problem has been resolved to show the type of problem resolution category into which this problem should be put.

A possible classification scheme could have the following classifications:

New product defect identified







Existing defect caused problem, user had not installed available service

Problem resulted in a change to the product documentation/help

Problem is...