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IEEE Annals of the History of Computing Volume 18 Number 3 -- Front Matter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129942D
Original Publication Date: 1996-Sep-30
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Copyright ©; 1996 by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

IEEE Annals of the History of Computing Vol. 18, No. 3, Fall 1996 [Front matter]

(Image Omitted: The ENIAC installed at the Ballistics Research Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving Ground. Photo courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution)


Anecdotes -- James Tomayko.....56 Charles Babbage and the Anglo-American Copyright
Dispute The Undersung Hero of Computing: The IBM 1 400-Series

Biographies -- Eric Weiss.....60 Obituaries: Olga Taussky-Todd, Marvin Camras, David G. Hays,
Bai Shangshu, Joseph Becker, Cuthbert C. Hurd Ferranti Recollections Radar and Electronics

Calculators -- Earl Swartzlander.....70 The Sinclair Calculators

Comments, Queries, and Debate -- Werner Buchholz.....72 Letter From Babbage to Quetelet
Nonhistory of IBM Time-Sharing

Happenings -- Geoffrey Bowker.....74 Gordon Pask Web Sites of Interest Manchester, England,
Preparations The Smithsonian Computerworld Awards Women, Work, and Computerization Conference ENIAC 50th Anniversary Continued New Computing Museum Computer Simulation American Computer Museum Symposium in Honor of Olga Taussky-Todd

Reviews -- Peggy Kidwell.....77 The Early History of Data Networks Enigma Engineers as
Executives: An International Perspective Briefly Noted

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