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Project Resource Cost Tracker Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129988D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-07
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A tool to track Project Resource Cost using spreadsheets. This tool gives all planned-cost, actual cost, available financial resources and produces relevant graphs and reports for management reporting use.

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Project Resource Cost Tracker

Disclosed is a system that will enable spreadsheet users and not having access to project management software track project costs, forecast costs and generate graphs and charts for visual clarity such that the necessay information is available for all.

Every project , irrespective of the area, has resources that are used in order to design, develop and deploy the project. Therefore, there are costs associated with the resources and there is a need to track those costs and at the same time have a visibility of the funds available in the planned budget. Every Project Manager has his / her own worksheet or sometimes a "cheat-sheet" to track the costs and the budget. The problem that almost all Project Managers face, weather they are managing a construction project or an IT project, is that there is no known LOW-COST, EASE OF USE tool available to capture project costs and decipher data in order to present to senior management in the form of AUTOMATIC, REAL TIME Charts / Graphs that are easy to read and follow. The programs are smart to forecast that by when the budgeted money would be exhausted if the project continues to use resources.

This system can be enchanced to work using a web-interface at the front-end. This will enable a multi-user input capability while still storing the data in spreadsheets. Further enchancements can include enchaning the output code such that a "flat-file" is generated which can be interfaced to other finan...