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Method and Apparatus to detect "red traffic light crossing offences" making use of a telematics solution Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130013D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-10
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Telematics system to detect red light crossing offences

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Method and Apparatus to detect Method and Apparatus to detectMethod and Apparatus to detect Method and Apparatus to detect

""""red traffic light crossing offencesred traffic light crossing offencesred traffic light crossing offences red traffic light crossing offences "

""" making use ofmaking use ofmaking use of making use of

a telematics solution a telematics solutiona telematics solution a telematics solution

A telematics system is proposed that allows to detect cars crossing intersections whent the traffic lights show red. Known solutions using cameras triggered by induction loops require roadworks to install and are expensive to build and to administer.

It is proposed to equip every car with a telematics box that contains the follwing elements:

- GPS route tracking: The telmatics box is connected to a GPS receiver to continuously detect the car position. This position information can be stored locally in the telematics box.

- Digital Map: A digital map of the local region is stored on the telmatics box .

Compared to digital maps used today the proposed digital map includes additional information on the positions of traffic lights and every traffic light is assigned a unique ID.

- Map matching algorithms: The telematics box includes software to indicate the

position and the direction of the car in the digital map (comparable to todays navigation systems)

- GPRS connection: The telematics box connects to a backend IT -system by GPRS

or the like. It can upload or download data to or from the backend system.

- Locally stored Information: The telematics box stores information on the

car (permanently) and on the driver (which is

updated every time the car is started, e.g.

using the driver's RFID ID card or the like).

Additionally the following components are used: Senders: every red light will be equipped with one sender with an assigned unique ID (see Fig. 1). The ID is broadcast by the sender whenever the red light is on.

Fig. 1: each red light has an unique ID

Receivers: the Telematics Box in the car is equipped with a receiver to detect

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