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Automatic Functions for Calculating profit(/loss) of fixed-assets sell-offs, and Registering accounts check Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130021D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-11
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Disclosed is a program of automatic Functions for Calculating profit(/loss) from fixed-assets sell-offs, and Registering accounts check. By executing a program which registers accounts check of profit(/loss) from fixed-assets sell-offs, data is extracted and the total amount of debit and credit is calculated by the unit of fixed-asset number. The difference between debit and credit is registered to the system automatically as an accounting slip details of profit(/loss) from fixed-assets sell-offs. Consequently, the manual procedures such as the data collection of fixed-assets sell-offs, calculation of the profit(/loss), and registration of accounts check details will be unnecessary. As a result, working hours by the above-mentioned manual procedures are reduced, and this reduction of time cost leads to the realization of the early settlement of accounts.

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Automatic Functions for Calculating profit (/loss) of fixed-assets sell-offs, and Registering accounts check

Profit(/loss) from fixed-assets sell-offs (4) needs to be calculated by subtracting fixed-assets selling costs (3) from the difference between sales amount of fixed-assets (1) and book value (2) on each fixed-asset sold-off. The examples of journals explaining procedures (1) - (4) (the case in which the profit is being generated) are shown below.

Example : the case of denominated-in-yen dealings

1. Sale of the fixed-assets based on claim processing Debit: Accounts-due ¥100,000 Credit: (1) temp for sale ¥100,000

2. Difference between the book value and sales amount of fixed-assets Debit: Fixed-assets accumulated depreciation ¥20,000 Debit: (1) temp for sale ¥100,000 Credit: fixed assets acquisition ¥30,000 Credit: (2) temp for sale ¥90,000

3. Selling costs spent on deals of fixed-assets Debit: (3) temp for sale ¥5,000 Credit: Outstanding account ¥5,000

4. Profit(/loss) from fixed-assets sell-offs Debit: temp for sale ¥100,000 Debit: temp for sale ¥90,000 Credit: temp for sale ¥100,000 Credit: temp for sale ¥5,000 Credit: profit from fixed-assets sell-offs ¥85,000

These accounts checks will be posted by a different person in charge, and the data of the registered accounts check will be saved independently and respectively. Currently, persons in charge of fixed-assets in an accounting department need to calculate profit(/loss) from fixed-assets sell-offs in each fixed-assets based on the data which are extracted by them at the time of settlement of accounts processing. All these data was registered into the system manually.

However, it turned out that these manual procedures are a serious prevention factor to realize the early closing of settlement of accounts, due to the generation of huge working hours.

In order to avoid this issue, automation of profit(/loss) from fixed-assets sell-offs (4) registering came to be called for.

Fig. 1 is a functional block diagram of this idea. The block surrounded by the line represents each portion of a new idea.

This program is designed so that the user can specify the data to...