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Schedule/Location Aware Smartphone/PDA Ringer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130121D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-12
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One of the biggest problems with using Smartphones or PDAs is that the alarm or ringer goes off an inopportune times. Currently, most devices allow the user to set the phone to vibrate, however, this forces the user to constantly manage their ring volume. Smartphones and PDAs almost always have an integrated datebook. Within this datebook is information regarding when and where the user is going to be (or should be) at particular times. As such an enhancement to current datebook functionality within mobile devices is proposed that will link in the devices volume as something that is autonomicly controlled.

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Schedule/Location Aware Smartphone/PDA Ringer

     In the preferred embodiment, the user will be enabled to set up a new entry in the user's datebook as usual. There will be an extra option provided to the user during this process, however, entitled "Mute" with a corresponding checkbox provided. If a check is placed in this checkbox, the datebook will automatically mute the alarms and ringers on the phone for the duration of the appointment listed. In one embodiment, the user would be allowed to configure what the muted volume level is and/or could set that level to vibrate. After the meeting has expired, the phone would be restored to its default volume.

     Additionally, the user will be provided a field entitled "Location" in which the user can specify an address, meeting room, etc. In the preferred embodiment, this field will be checked against a list of places in which the phone should be muted. Thus, the user can configure via a provided dialog or screen in the datebook's options, that if the location matches any number of given of strings that the phone should always be muted. For example, if the user enters "Church" in the location field, that field would be referenced against a list of entries in the "Location Mute List" at the start of the appointment. If the record is there, the phone will be put in a muted regardless of other options.