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Publication Date: 2005-Oct-12

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David Judson, Pratt & Whitney Canada: INVENTOR [+2]

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US 5,950,970: PATENT [+9]


A cable clamp assembly includes a clamp and a retainer. The retainer extends through an existing L-shaped bracket and into a center opening of the clamp. A tie wrap extends through a traverse slot of the clamp and a mating slot of the retainer, and further extends around the clamp so that when pulled tightly, the tie wrap secures the clamp and the cable clamped therein to the L-shaped bracket. The configuration is also applicable to a cable clamp assembly for a parallel cable arrangement.

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INVENTORS: David Judson; Tibor Urac; Cedric Chan


This invention generally relates to clamps for cables.  More particularly, the present invention relates to detachable clamps for attaching a cable or tube to an aircraft engine.


Cables frequently must be mounted to an aircraft engine and routed along surfaces or within enclosures thereof.  The cable clamps used with an aircraft engine are required to provide features of low cost, light weight and quick release.  Conventional cable clamps generally include a clamp portion for wrapping and holding a cable and a retainer or fastener portion for attaching the cable to a bracket or panel. 

The retainers or fasteners of cable clamps currently available rely on a deformable plastic feature whereby the retainer or fastener is attached to the bracket or panel by being pressed through a hole thereof to extend on the other side of the bracket or panel.  Examples of such configurations are described in United States Patents 5,868,362, issued to Daoud on Feb. 9, 1999, 4,669,688, issued to Itoh et al. on June 2, 1987 and 4,564,163, issued to Barnett on January 14, 1986.  This deformable plastic feature makes the retainer or fastener difficult to remove without being damaged.   Also, the attachment of the cable to the bracket or panel is not secure because that attachment relies on the deformable plastic portion to keep the retainer or fastener tight to the bracket or the panel. 

Other types of retainers or fasteners of cable clamps currently available use additional fasteners such as screws to secure the fastener or retainer of the cable clamps to the bracket or panel.  Examples of those configurations are described in United States Patent 5,354,021, issued to Farrell on October 11, 1994 and 5,251,857, issued to Grice et al. on October 12, 1993.  Those configurations however cannot provide a quick installation and removal of the cable clamps to and from the bracket or panel. 

Therefore, there is a need for a further improved cable clamp which provides low cost, light weight and quick release means of attaching a cable or tube to an aircraft engine. 

The object of the present invention is to provide an improved cable clamp which provides a quick release and is adapted to be manufactured in light weight and at low cost.

In accordance with one aspect of the present invention, a cable clamp assembly comprises a clamp and a retainer.  The retainer is adapted to be fitted through a hole in a bracket and a section of the retainer protrudes from the bracket and is secured to the clamp by a tie wrap.  The tie wrap is preferably fed through a slot in the clamp and through a mating slot in the retainer such that the tie wrap not only closes the clamp around a cable or tube but also provides a means for locking the clamp to the retainer.  The cable clamp is preferably adapted to swivel on the bracket and th...