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(RSS) Shopping Cart Remote Audit Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130147D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-13
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Shopping Cart Remote Audit

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(RSS) Shopping Cart Remote Audit

     A digital camera would be added to a shopping cart security solution. The camera could be stand-alone or integrated into the web tablet being used as the shopping cart companion. The cart would also be equipted with cart perimiter barrier. This solution would work by taking a picture every time that the shopping cart barrier is broken. This picture could then be displayed to the customer. This would let the customers know that the items being placed in the cart are being monitored by the system. This by itself should be a deterrent to theft. The pictures could also be sent to the server that is storing the rest of the information about this transaction. This would allow store personnel to audit any or all the transactions by comparing the pictures of the items with the items that were scanned by the customer. Since pictures are used, the customer is not aware of the audit and will not be offended by the audit. In the cases where suspicious activity is detected by the shopping cart companion (e.g., the barrier was broken and there was not an item scan event just prior to the break) the item in question could be quickly verified by store personnel. If the break was caused by a hand or personal item, the event can be ignored. If the break was caused by an item that was not scanned, then the store personnel could send a command to the cart companion to display the item's picture and ask the customer to scan the item. If the customer s...